Physical education is as important as any other education.Sparingan hour a day at
play field lessens the fatigue of the mind and keeps it afresh. Knowing the importance
of this education and well aware of the proverb ‘Asound mind in a sound body’ the
management is generously distinction of its own by having 10 acres for land for play
fields which encompass two badminton courts ,two volley ball Courts, one tennis
court, one basket ball court, one throw ball court, one tennis court and two cricket
grounds with well laid pitch.  A 400mt.Track is laid on the campus. Facilities for
 running races, throws, jumps etc.,are provided. Considerable facilities for indoor
games like table tennis,caroms,chess etc.,are provided in a spacious room. The
college feels proud to announce that quite a large no. of students have represented   
at state and National level. Their out standing performance at the games is  
properly rewarded by the management with cash and prize.