NSS was started in Mahatma Gandhi's Birth century year
 1969 on 24th September. National Service scheme is a
 communityservice programmed sponsored by the ministry
 ofHumanresource Development Government of India. This scheme
1.  Social Consciousness
 2.  Sense of responsibility
3.  Sense of discipline
4.  Service to the community
5.  Personality Development  
6.  National Integration practice  
7.  Dignity of Labor self employment  
8.  Creative and construction feature  
1. To work with or among the people  
2. To engaged in creative and constructive social actions.  
3. To enhance knowledge and awareness among the communities.  
4. To put the talents to practical use in mitigating some of the  problems.  
5. To exercise leadership qualities in democratic set up.  
6. To gain skills in programmed development and devote some time for  
     manual work on volunteers basis.  
7. To bridge the gap between the educated and uneducated masses.